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In Memory of Chris Rizzo

On behalf of Streamingteacher Inc., we are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Chris Rizzo.

He lived his life to the fullest and will be remembered as a contributor and colleague to Streamingteacher. 

Chris Rizzo 

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Out of any class I have ever taken, Streamingteacher is the best learning experience of all times. I have 40 years experience as a prototype , tooling and reverse engineering machinist. The last 23 years, (self taught) I have been using Mastercam and for in-depth, accurate and easy to follow lessons, Streamingteacher's methods are a paradigm shift in teaching.

Hans Jacobsen
 Seatac, Washington State

The AMAZINGLY INSTRUCTIVE and easy to comprehend videos can be contributed directly to the professionalism and expertise of the STREAMINGTEACHER team! The videos are an excellent teaching tool.Bob Delgatto, Chris Rizzo & Jeremy Haage are fantastic teachers!It really turned a formidable task of learning something that I feared would be extremely complex, into a fun, easy to learn process that i am simply addicted to. I just cannot stop watching the videos! It is as if Bob and Chris are my personal teachers and I am the only one in the classroom that is open for me 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I LOVE IT!

G. Maclin
 Self employed - Georgia, USA

Streamingteacher is the best way to get the training you need and when you need it. Forgot how to do something, it is there as a refresher course. New release of Mastercam, it's a great way to get familiar with it. I love Streamingteacher as an instruction guide as well as a reference for all the things you cannot remember or forget.

Wendal George
 LH Thomson Co. - Macon, Georgia

I am very happy with the quality and quantity of the content available. The courses are well designed, easy to follow, and deliver exactly the information I need when I need it, what more could you ask?

Jack Depasquale
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 

I found the videos to be very helpful in deciphering and navigating Mastercam's software, where the Mastercam help material is incomplete.

Dennis J. Meredith
University of Nevada - Reno, Nevada 

I went through the X3 course in 2008 (it's now 2014) and I have been employed ever since, programming CNC mills and lathes.

Chris Gomez
PCC Structural, Inc. - Portland, Oregon 

I believe Streamingteacher is one of the best online Mastercam training available, especially for older versions of Mastercam.

Boyd Albrecht
Accu-fab Inc. - Raleigh, North Carolina

I think it is a good tool for someone just getting started or for someone who doesn't use the program a lot. It’s nice to have information when working on a project and you have problems. It’s a good source for quick information.

Ed Wallace
GM Nameplate - Beaverton, Oregon

The certification courseware on Streamingteacher helped me as a student to gain the knowledge on how to use Mastercam. The material was well presented, and the instructor is excellent, helping to answer all of the student questions clearly. I work for the R&D department at Acumed making programs for machines such as Trunnion 5X mill, lathe, wire EDM and Swiss machine. I recommend Streamingteacher's Certification program to others as I have found it to be very helpful.

Kevin Nguyen
Acumed, Inc. - Hillsboro, Oregon 

I am a High school instructor of Manufacturing/Engineering. As I am not new in the trade, I am always trying to be aware of opportunities to make the job of teaching a more exact science.

Having a history of taking Mastercam classes I feel that Streaming Teacher is one of the most effective teaching techniques I have encountered. In contrast to traditional lecture/tutorial classes, I enjoyed that I could set my own pace, a pace that worked well for me and the type of day I was having, and still finish up with all the material. The fact that I could look at the segments and then go back and study them when the curriculum presented a need for that segment of information was absolutely perfect for my learning style. The ability to "REWIND" a short instant and retrieve that specific piece of information was invaluable.

Overall, Streaming Teacher Mastercam has been a wonderful learning experience. The fact that I have learned new Mastercam methods as well as new teaching techniques is a terrific bonus. My instructor Mr. Delgatto was very supportive and more than fair when I misunderstood a technical point of an assignment. He was quick with a explanation and support. As far as grading work, part of it was automatic, but the remainder was returned quickly while that interest in the assignment was still high.

Streaming Teacher was easy to manage and navigate. Very good to keep projects in order and separated. Instruction was at a very high level of quality. I wish I could afford to use this system for teaching my students and just let myself out of the loop.

I would like for you to be able to use me and my thoughts to recommend this teaching platform for others that are not sure of this alternative approach to learning.

David H. Mitchell
Sabin-Schellenberg Center - Milwaukie, Oregon

When you are under the gun to get a job programmed and then do the set-up you rarely have the time to just stop and figure out the new program. Streamingteacher's video lessons have enabled me to watch a lesson on only what I need to learn. The lessons are short and quick to the point. I have learned more about Mastercam in a few short lessons than I could have ever learned from the books.

Gary Scott
Haas Automation, Inc. - Oxnard, California

Streamingteacher has been a great resource for helping me have a better understanding of the power and versatility of Mastercam. I recommend Mastercam and Streamingteacher to everyone that will listen!!!

John Aussem
Mori Seiki - Chicago, Illinois 

Overall I was very pleased with the courseware offered and would recommend it to others. It was very helpful to me. I liked the format. It was easy to use and could be referred to anytime and repeated as needed.

Jody Thatch
Climax Protable Machine Tools, Inc. 

Streamingteacher is the genuine thing! You cannot learn more from any on site training facility as you can obtain from Streamingteacher. Streamingteacher allows me to train in the comfort of my home any time and allows me to go back and refer to sessions that I might have not understood the first time. Keep up the good work! I would like to take this opportunity and thanking you for courseware that is well presented and very professionally done. Well Done!

Leon Ladewig
Ultra-Flow - Cape Town, South Africa 

I live over 100 miles away from the nearest reseller and training, so this class was a lifesaver for me. I have used most of the training books and would say Streamingteacher is much better than any of them.

Justin Alvis
Vaporless Mfg. Inc. - Prescott Valley, Arizona 

Streamingteacher puts Mastercam far above any other CAM software I have used.

Dave Paladeni
U.S.N.R. - Woodland, Washington 

For your information, Streamingteacher is worth every penny when updating to X.

Joe Saracione
Cartesian Research, Inc. - Sandy, Oregon 

I have used and will continue to use Streaming Teacher at work and at home. The personalized training that you can accomplish at your own pace is like a private tutor sitting next to you. Streaming Teacher is always growing, which makes it a valuable resource in our engineering group. Questions that come up from time to time in technique and the helpful tips that are shared are only a mouse click away. The interactive ability of Streaming Teacher to stop and replay any portion of the lesson has made it a flexible tool. I would say that it is the most innovative way to learn Mastercam. I would recommend this to anyone that is a first time user or an experienced user of Mastercam.

Kevin Lenker
Hanard Machinery - Portland, Oregon

I used Streamingteacher in the evenings at home to be prepared for things that I know are coming up at work in the next couple of days. I have books for Mastercam, but Streamingteacher is much better because you can hear, as well as see what is happening. I use Mastercam for complex parts on ProtoTrac machines. It saves me a lot of fat finger time, and mistakes. I would recommend this program to all who wish to learn Mastercam at their own pace.

Paul A. Wedde
Dexter Design - Hillsboro, Oregon 


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