All Inclusive Subscription — Includes V9-Current Release

Video courseware and project files. Teach Mastercam the way it should be taught.
Your Way!

Mastercam Classroom Subscription Package — Streamingteacher's Mastercam Courseware:

For Universities, Colleges or Trade Schools. The Classroom Includes:

     - All versions with one login, V9, X, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, X9 & 2017.
     - Instructor Log-In is included. This includes the rights to display our audio/video content in a classroom, workshop or
       seminar environment.
     - All modules, Introduction, Design, Solids, Mill, Lathe, (Multi-Axis for X6 and above).

Streamingteacher Advantages:

   - Easy to navigate. Easy to search. Easy to monitor progress.
   - Students can pause, rewind, and replay each video segment repeatedly during the student’s experience.
   - Providing step by step instruction, real world downloads, samples and projects that allow students to work along with
     the lessons being shown in the videos.
   - Streamingteacher is updated as Mastercam is updated — allowing students to learn the most current version and
     release of Mastercam. All previous versions are maintained.
   - Each subscriber will have the opportunity to download the Mastercam HLE or Demo software so the student can practice
     at home or in the classroom. (Some older HLE versions are unavailable and the newer HLE must be substituted)
   - Environmentally friendly; printed materials and DVD’s become outdated with each release of Mastercam.
     Typically, 30 seconds of video equals 4 pages of print content.
   - Courseware is developed and backed by experienced resellers and instructors.
   - Many of your students already explore online videos regularly for DIY tips, visual solutions to common problems and
     learning for other interests.

How Instructors Integrate Streamingteacher into their Program:

   - The training syllabus is created by the instructor.
   - If you use a distance learning platform for your class, you can create assignments with direct links to video segments
     you wish your students to watch. Students can click on each assigned link and watch the video when they are logged in.

Community College CAD/CAM Instuctor
     "I use Streamingteacher like a customizable textbook. I select the video that are relevant to my lesson plan, and create
     my student assignments from there. It allows me to teach Mastercam the way I want; and selectively focus on topics
     relevant to a class. An amazing resource!"


Mastercam Classroom Subscription Pricing:

  • Duration: (1) School Term (we match start/end date) 
  • Includes automatic updates to new versions and additional content
  • Instructor subscription(s)are always free
  • We provide your Bookstore with codes for subscriptions so students can use book funds
  • We accept checks, all major credit cards and PayPal

We would be pleased to show you our Mastercam courseware via GotoMeeting and answer any questions you may still have.
Limited trial logins can be provided.

Streamingteacher offers a special discounted rate for Educational Institutions offering our courseware as part of their curriculum.  We do
require the purchase of a minimum of (5) Student Subscriptions that include (90) days access in order to qualify for this discount price and
the Free instructor log-in.

To order, email
We will contact you within (1-2) business days to arrange payment and to set up the subscriptions.

NOTE: We can initiate the instructors log-in in advance so they have time to prepare their integration of Streamingteacher into their course.

If you do not qualify for "Streamingteacher For The Classroom" but would still like to order standard subscriptions please CLICK HERE.

Payment methods accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal: (A check can be used if you have a PayPal account)

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